Aleksandar Avrosievski, IT Expert

Presentation topic

ZenH Balkan outcome in the Republic of North Macedonia

University degree in civil engineering, certified IT expert with more than 20 years of relevant professional experience in design, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of IT projects.

For the past 18 years has worked in the IT sector as project manager/team leader/principal engineer and member of expert teams on projects in cooperation with various stakeholders: local, regional, national authorities, business sector, professionals; projects and activities that involve participants of complex structure, local population, actors with various backgrounds and cultures.

For several years he has been cooperating with the trainers of the trainings for energy auditors in the Training Center for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Also participated in the preparation of the technical part of feasibility studies for infrastructure objects. Engaged in the “Towards Zero energy Hospitals in the Balkan Region” project from the beginning.

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